Shepley Engineers Limited was founded in Manchester in the late 1940’s and has had a permanent presence at the Nuclear establishment, Sellafield, since that time. In 1948 we were responsible for the installation of stainless ducting systems on the Windscale Reactors, and the early 50s with the commissioning of the world’s first commercial nuclear power station at Calder Hall.

We are based in Cumbria and operates as a major multi-discipline contractor and project manager specialising in term contract works within the nuclear and chemical process plant sectors. The Shepley Group provides a self-delivery solution covering supply, high integrity ME&I manufacture, installation and commissioning support. Shepley Engineers Ltd and its wholly owned complimentary subsidiaries have created a fully integrated and multi disciplined service offering with an excellent track record and reputation.
Our subsidiaries are:

• PPS Electrical – an electrical and instrumentation installation specialist and manufacturer of bespoke control panels

• West Cumberland Engineering (WCEL) – a class 1A fabricator, bespoke manufacturer and precision parts machinist to the highest structural and nuclear quality requirements

We are engaged in a number of capacities from main contractor to sub-contractor and in some instances as adviser and consultant. We work individually or in collaboration with complimentary service providers or partners (e.g. as part of Cumbria Nuclear Solutions (CNSL) delivering full decommissioning, decontamination and demolition services) and a significant proportion of our current workload is delivered via long term framework agreements. It has been necessary to develop our processes, systems and culture to be effective and responsive across the full range of these arrangements, which has allowed us meet the evolving standards and requirements of the client at the Sellafield site since 1948.