Iron Glasshouse Restoration

Shepley have become the UK’s largest and leading faithful restorers of iron glasshouses. Our first major commission was the complete and sensitive restoration of Richard Turner's Curvilinear Range at Glasnevin in Dublin which we completed in 1993. Regarded as the most important nineteenth century glasshouse in Europe, this was a very challenging project during which the house was completely dismantled before faithful restoration and reinstatement. The work involved over 11km of wrought iron glazing bar, 8500 panes of glass and a range of intricate structural castings. The project was a major success and this lead us into the delivery of many other subsequent glasshouse restorations. We have an extremely experienced and appropriately qualified restoration team supported by large facilities which can accommodate all aspects of the restoration operations including the various cleaning and painting processes. We are flexible in our approach and are happy to be engaged as advisors to potential projects. Our portfolio includes very large public project delivery as well as a range of smaller private commissions.