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Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition

Shepley have operated in this sector for over sixty years and currently provide mechanical and electrical construction, dismantling and decommissioning services involving the deployment of a highly skilled and experienced workforce and support staff. We are currently engaged at a number of nuclear licensed sites across the UK where our responsibilities range from design and build projects to operational asset support through to major decommissioning project delivery. We have an in house team of Decontamination specialists who have over 25 years experience, and have delivered over 160 decontamination and technical projects across UK's and international nuclear sites.

Our Decontamination expertise covers the delivery of hands on decontamination and R&D activities, using Ultra High Pressure water jetting, Chemical decontamination, CO2 blasting, concreete scabbling and ice pigging. We have also carried out blockage removal and pipework cleaning in nuclear facilities, minimising effluent production, utilising techniques such as water jetting, mechanical scouring, chemical dissolution and pressure pulsing. We also produce decontamination strategies and option studies fully underpinned by technical assessments and experience.

We have also carried out a large number of Demolition projects at various nuclear sites across the UK, utilising our own expertise in conjunction with specialist demolition contractors. We have safely demolished a wide variety of buildings, taking the sites down to brown field status allowing the client to repurpose as required. We can also utilise a sister company (VHE Construction) to provide full contamination removal and land remediation services.

Shepley have worked as part of Consortia's on the Sellafield site for many years, for more information on our current Consortia's please see below.



Cumbria Nuclear Solutions Ltd is a partnership by six of the most respected organisations in the North-West supply chain – James Fisher Nuclear Ltd, REACT Engineering Ltd, Shepley Engineers Ltd, Jacobs Ltd, Westinghouse Electric Company and WYG Engineering Ltd. Together we can provide a complete range of decommissioning, decontamination, demolition and remediation services. With over 100 years of lead team collective experience across the UK nuclear industry in Tier 1, 2 and 3 contractor organisations. CNSL offer an understanding of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority environment and firsthand experience of applying commercial and engineering best practices.

For more information please visit the CNSL Website at and for the latest CNSL Newsletter please click here.


I3 decommissioning partners consist of Altrad, Shepley and Jacobs, we work collaboratively to bring a full range of design and construction services on the DDP contract which has the potential to run over the next 10 years. Our Decommissioning Partners bring over 40 years' continuous service delivery at Sellafield and are working together on the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo (MSSS).  We are committed to working collaboratively with Sellafield to establish a sustainable long-term collaborative relationship that delivers against common goals.

For more information please visit the i3 Website at and for the latest i3 Newsletter please click here. 

Nuclear Decommissioning – Example projects

The Shepley decommissioning teams offer a unique blend of practical and conventional decommissioning experience together with a safe and proven track record involving the introduction of new and innovative technologies where these are appropriate. This flexible approach to challenging decommissioning tasks combined with our proven programme management capabilities provide our various clients with effective and reduced risk solutions. We offer a cradle to grave service across a range of small, medium and very large nuclear decommissioning projects.

Sellafield Decommissioning Framework

Shepley are part of a consortium of companies established to offer a wide range of services associated with nuclear decommissioning contracts at Sellafield and other sites across the UK. Cumbria Nuclear Solutions Limited is made up of six respected and complimentary businesses – Shepley Engineers, James Fisher Nuclear, Jacobs Stobbarts, WYG, REACT Engineering and Westinghouse Electric Company UK.
With an established and proven four year track record of project delivery on the DFA1, the consortium was awarded a further four year contract through the second tranche of this major framework at the Sellafield site, and in 2016 were appointed onto the Decommissioning Delivery Partnership (DDP) framework delivering the next phase of decommissioning at the site.

CNSL’s ability to offer a flexible, cost effective and self delivered approach across a range of small, medium and large decommissioning tasks is unique. We are able to respond effectively from early project conception through the entire implementation phases to completion and handover.

Client : Sellafield Limited
Value : c £5m per annum

Decommissioning of GPM05 Harwell

The area contained floor to ceiling glove containment enclosures which were surrounded with a modular containment wall. Our responsibilities included sealing all loose contamination, decontamination, down sizing, removal of all services and finally the removal of the entire modular containment. A new reinforced concrete floor was designed and constructed across the entire floor area. The initial works were carried out in full pressurised (FROG) suits and when airborne levels were reduced, airline fed hoods with PVC over suits were adopted. On completion the surface contamination levels were less than 0.4 Bq/cm2 α & less than 4 Bq/cm2 β. Free breathing conditions were achieved with airborne levels reduced to below 0.01 Bq/m3

Client : UKAEA at Harwell
Value : £250k

Decommissioning of the FRP Rig, Springfields

Constructed in 1999, this test rig was designed to disassociate Uranium Hexaflouride to produce Uranium metal and Flourine gas. Shepley were awarded the contract for its complete decommissioning along with all of its support plant. The works were carried out without any adverse effects on the adjacent R&T activities.

Client : Nexia Solutions, Springfields
Value : £180k

Decontamination Services – Example projects

Our Decontamination specialists have over 25 years experience and delivered in excess of 150 on site decontamination and technical projects across the UK’s nuclear sites and in the international arena. We can offer a wide variety of expertise and services covering all aspects of decontamination from desktop studies, strategy development, R&D, and test rigs  through to hands on implementation of all decontamination techniques. Example areas covered:


Delivering decontamination services ,in all types  In all types of radioactive environments. We are specialists in Ultra high / High Pressure water jetting; Chemical Decontamination; CO2 blasting, concrete scabbling, and ice pigging’

Blockage Removal & Pipework Cleaning

Removing blockages in nuclear facilities, while considering , radiological containment and effluent minimisation. Techniques include HP & UHP water jetting; Mechanical scouring,; Chemical dissolution; Pressure pulsing.

Sampling for Characterisation

We are experienced in retrieving samples from a wide range of plant environments to support characterisation for decommissioning option studies, such as pond sludge sampling , Zeolite skips underwater, reactor dessicant & concrete.

R&D Testing

Including testing/optimisation of concept designs and equipment functionality, Also for operator familiarisation to reduce working times in high radiation dose areas

Decontamination Stratagies

Our experts produce robust options studies underpinned by technical assessments which consider ALARP, Business Case Justification & safety case documentation

HAST 11 Capping and Venting

We developed and optimised the use of Ultra-High pressure (UHP) water jetting as a method to access and safely vent pipework associated with the HAST 11 cooling coils capping and venting programme.

We carried out the hands on decontamination of the floor box in which the HAST 11 pipework was located, and then deployed the new UHP water jetting system to vent the pipework.

Our team designed and developed a bespoke cutting head, and a test rig was built at our West Cumberland Engineering facility, where trials were carried out to demonstrate the proof of concept and to develop and optimise the cutting and venting process. The rig was designed and built after taking laser scans of the actual floor box, which allowed the creation of 3D models and accurate replication in the test rig. The cutting head tool also had to be CE marked.

On plant works required the gross decontamination of the highly contaminated floor box in demanding conditions. This required a number of techniques within a tented enclosure, including vacuuming and chemical decontamination.

MASFE Tube cleaning

Shepley Decontamination Services were contracted by Sellafield Ltd to high pressure water jet clean the internal bores of the evaporator tubes. This was to allow for the detailed inspection of the tubes to take place and extend the operational life of the evaporator.

Client – Sellafield Ltd

Value – c £100k

Sampling and Characterisation of ILWI

The Shepley Decontamination Services (SDS) Specialists were engaged to undertake a series of sampling and characterisation tasks at the Chapelcross site as part of the site wide Intermediate Level Waste characterisation program. These included the sampling of reactor desiccant driers, pond sludges and the internal resins of a Zeolite pond skips. This sampling work was required to be undertaken while the Zeolite skips remained in-situ 8m under water, to ensure shielding was maintained at all times.

Client – Chapelcross

Value – c £100k

Nuclear Dismantling and Demolition – Example projects

Through a group acquisition of TW Ward Industrial Dismantling in 1995, Shepley have grown a nuclear focused dismantling and demolition capability which today is managed and delivered by a highly experienced and well qualified team. We have developed a wide range of conventional and bespoke techniques to deal safely with the specific challenges of project execution within a live nuclear operational environment. Our full range of capabilities means that Shepley can be engaged from the facility post operational clean out phase through decommissioning to dismantling and final ground remediation.

North Group Buildings

This work covered a range of packages including decommissioning and dismantling operations.
Our responsibilities included the provision of plant, equipment and labour associated with the demolition of B116 & B122 and the decommissioning and size reduction of the two large water storage tanks adjacent to Building F122 at Calder.

Client : British Nuclear Group
Value : c £250k

Demolition of Springfield Site Stores

This redundant Building was formerly the Springfields Site Stores. The building was of a modern construction; internally there was blockwork/plasterboard stud partitioning, whilst externally there were brickwork and steel cladding. Shepley’s scope included:

  • A soft strip of the interior
  • Demolition of the building structure
  • Removal of the building Slab and Foundations
  • Soft Strip Reinstatement

Client – British Nuclear Fuels, Springfields

Value – c £300k

Primary Separation Plant – HASO Cell Stripout

Constructed in 1952 and last used in 1973, the plant was the forerunner to THORP. Shepley led the consortium whose responsibility it was to characterise the cells inventory, to then develop, design and manufacture equipment leading to the removal of fifty tonnes of process equipment and waste. Innovative size reduction techniques and contamination control measures were used in dealing with high levels of radiation and contamination.

Client : Sellafield Ltd
Value : c £2m

Renew Holdings Plc

Renew Holdings Plc

The Shepley Group is a subsidiary of Renew Holdings Plc. Renew provides operational support and asset care, critical planned and reactive maintenance and renewals, and civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services across its integrated Engineering Services Companies. While Renew supports all its subsidiaries in setting overall standards and allowing for the sharing of best practices,… Continue Reading